27 July 2018

"Optic fiber Systems" announces the launch of optical fiber coloring line.

For expanding the assortment of manufactured products, "Optic fiber Systems" is going to launch an optical fiber coloring line in August 2018. Now there is a possibility for cable companies to purchase colored optical fiber.

Coloring of optical fiber is a process of putting color coating to the surface of fiber. The process consists of several steps: pulling the fiber through the die (color coating unit), coloring the fiber, then drying the color coating and winding the finished product onto the spools for transportation.

As color coating UV-curable paint is used, that is dried by intensive UV radiation. The thickness of the coating can vary from 4 to 6 µ. The use of modern equipment allows to achieve the coloring speed of 3000 m / min and ensures excellent quality products output.

For optical fiber coloring different charts of colors are used depending on various national and international standards. In addition to the standard coloring process "Optic fiber Systems" use the technology of "ring marking", which makes it possible to encode 36 optical fibers by various pitch coloring.

To stabilize the process of color coating drying nitrogen is used inside the UV block. Netrogen replaces atmospheric oxygen in tubes of UV lamps, which can guarantee the high-quality drying of the UV-curable coating.

Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and high-tech equipment of the world's leading manufacturer Nextrom, the attenuation coefficient of the standard optical fiber remains practically unchanged after coloring.

The winding of optical fiber complies with the following requirements: correct choice of winding pitch, minimum errors of spool geometry and steady compact winding. Strict compliance with the above requirements facilitates the storage of fiber and preserves the quality of winding during transportation. This also helps to avoid problems in further processing of products and production of optical modules and cables.

Advantages of using "Optic fiber Systems" JSC colored fiber:

• simplification of further processing and differentiation;

• Simplification and acceleration of final product manufacturing;

• Improved protection against moisture absorption / hydrolysis;

• Reducing the costs and time of manufacturing steps associated with the preparation of materials and processes of optical fiber coloring;

• Focus of the cable industry to the main activity, without distraction for servicing intermediate / preparatory production sites.



“Optic fiber Systems” JSC ( – is the first Russian plant manufacturing optical fiber. The plant is situated in Saransk, Mordovia Republic. It  was officially opened September 25th,  2015. The shareholders of the company are RUSNANO, Gazprombank, the Government of Mordovia Republic.

Today it is a modern high-tech manufacturing with a capacity of 2,4 million km of optical fiber per year. While based on the scheduled upgrade project the capacity of the plant will be increased to 4 mln kilometers of optical fiber per year.

Currently there are the most popular types of the fiber – optical fibers of G652d and G657A1/G652d standards - are serially produced at the plant. The both types of the fiber are certified and were successfully tested by OJCS Rostelecom. Optical fibers of other types are planned to produce.