Optic Fiber Systems
Волокно G.652

G 652d

Production started in 2016. A standard single-mode fiber is a thin (8-10 µm) core made of glass alloyed by Germanium surrounded by a thicker layer of pure glass.

Specification E3 (G652d)


G 651

Multimode graded index fiber

In a standard multimode graded index fiber the core diameter is 50 and 62,5 µm which is a bigger value than transmission wavelength. This leads to propagation of plenty of different light rays – modes – in all the three transmission windows. Two transmission windows – 850 and 1300 nm are usually used to transmit the light along a multimode fiber.

Production will start in 2019

G 655

Non-zero dispersion-shifted single-mode optical fiber

Single-mode optical fiber with non-zero shifted dispersion and small inclination of dispersion curve is used for long-distance fiber-optic systems of data transmission with DWDM (dense wavelength division multiplexing) that work in C- and L-ranges.

Production will start in 2019


Bending-loss insensitive fiber

Single-mode optical fiber with low water peak "E3 (G657A1/G652d)" is a fiber with a reduced sensitivity to bends. The fiber is produced by vapor axial deposition method (VAD) with a quartz core alloyed with Germanium. It complies with the recommendations ITU-T G.652d and G.657A1.

Production started in 2017

Specification E3 (G657A1/G652D)