25 September 2018

"Optic fiber Systems" celebrated the 3rd anniversary of the grand opening of the plant and the release of a 3 million kilometers of domestic optical fiber

On September 25, 2018, on the 3rd anniversary of the grand opening of the plant, "Optic fiber Systems" JSC has released a 3 million kilometers of domestic optical fiber. The commemorative reel of optical fiber was handed to the Head of the Republic of Mordovia Vladimir Volkov.

"Optical fiber systems" is gradually increasing its production pace: while the production of the first million kilometers of fiber took 1.5 years and of the second one - 1 year, only 6 months were needed to obtain the third million. Moreover, by the end of next year, "Optic fiber Systems" plans to reach the speed of 1 million km of optical fiber production per quarter after the completion of an extremely important project of production upgrade aimed to increase the plant capacity to 4 million km of optical fiber per year.

Vladimir Volkov visited a specially organized exhibition dedicated to the achievements of "Optic fiber Systems" for the period of three years. To mark the solemn ceremony of the reel presentation the "time capsule" was laid for the "Optic fiber Systems" employees of 2025, when the plant will celebrate its 10th anniversary. Among all the wishes expressed to the "future collective" was one regarding the achievement of 10 million km of optical fiber yield per year and the development of full production cycle.

After the solemn ceremony, there was a meeting devoted to the current problems and prospects of the project development with the participation of the Head of the Republic of Mordovia, Vladimir Volkov, members of the Board of Directors of "Opticfiber Systems", foreign partners Rosendahl Nextrom and Sumitomo Electric Industries.

During the meeting a number of serious tasks were set before the plant: to complete the upgrade project at the beginning of 2019, to start designing work for the preform plant in the first quarter of 2019 and its further construction in the second half of 2019 and to start domestic preform production in 2021.

The General Director of "Optic fiber Systems" noted: "Starting from the third quarter of 2018, "Optic fiber Systems" has reached full capacity and managed to significantly increase the volume of sales of domestic optical fiber in the Russian market. Such impressive results are achieved thanks to the contribution of competent and highly professional workforce that has been formed at the plant. This allows us to confidently look into the future and plan further development of the project in accordance with the development prospects of the Russian optical fiber market."


“Optic fiber Systems” JSC ( – is the first Russian plant manufacturing optical fiber. The plant is situated in Saransk, Mordovia Republic. It  was officially opened September 25th,  2015. The shareholders of the company are RUSNANO, Gazprombank, the Government of Mordovia Republic.

Today it is a modern high-tech manufacturing with a capacity of 2,4 million km of optical fiber per year. While based on the scheduled upgrade project the capacity of the plant will be increased to 4 mln kilometers of optical fiber per year.

Currently there are the most popular types of the fiber – optical fibers of G652d and G657A1/G652d standards - are serially produced at the plant. The both types of the fiber are certified and were successfully tested by OJCS Rostelecom. Optical fibers of other types are planned to produce.