Optic Fiber Systems


15 March 2018

2 000 000 kilometers of optical fiber produced in Saransk

15 March 2018 “Optic Fiber Systems” JSC passed a milestone of 2 000 000 kilometers. Ceremonial spool of the Russian optical fiber was presented to the Head of Mordovia Vladimir Volkov.

Mr. Volkov saw around the quality control line of the plant and then the meeting with the participation of Japanese partners took place. Japan was represented by the General Manager of Optical Fiber and Cable Division of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. Shigeru Suemori  and the General Manager of Planning & Administrative Department in Market Development & Engineering Department of Optical Fiber & Cable Division of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. Masashi Onishi.

Deputy Chairman of the Government - Minister of Industry, Science and New Technologies of the Republic of Mordovia Alexander Sedov,  Deputy minister of economics, Trade and Business affairs of Mordovia Alexander Ivanov  and “Optic Fiber Systems” managers took part in the meeting as well.

Discussions were held on the issues of collaboration of “Optic Fiber Systems” with Japanese partners in the area of preforms supply, and also the draw upgrade project, which was started in the end of last year with support from Industrial Development Fund of Russia.   

V. Volkov pointed out that Mordovia has reached serious results in innovative development. The Republic is the leader in the share of innovative products of total output, which is near 29 per cent. Growth areas of our region are research and production clusters.  While earlier it had been aimed to import substitution, the priority now is export products.  

The development plans of the company include new products and new functionalities development, construction of preform manufacturing plant.

Andrey Nikolaev, the OVS CEO: “As a result of the draw upgrade project we expect increase of production capacity of the plant in 1,5 times up to 4 mfkm per year”.

The Japanese partners in their turn noted the high quality of the optical fiber produced in Mordovia. Shigeru Suemori: “We look at the quality of the optical fiber as very high. There are constant on-going efforts to improve the production quality. We will continue to enhance cooperation”.

Vladimir Volkov expressed his gratitude to the representatives of the Japanese company and expressed his hope for an increased cooperation.

The Head of Mordovia pointed out: “The Mordovian leadership has lent and will continue to lend its fullest support to “Optic Fiber Systems”. Markets of manufactured products will extend as far as a number of projects using optical fiber are being implemented in Russia. The republic fells the support of the president Vladimir Putin in this direction as well as in others”.