4 November 2017

“Optic Fiber Systems” JSC took part in the World Optical Fibre & Cable Conference in Wuhan

On 1st-3rd November 2017 CRU group in cooperation with the leaders of world optic fiber market organized the 3rd World Optical Fibre & Cable Conference in Wuhan, China.  Over 700 attendees – leading producers of optical fiber and cable as well as the key suppliers of preforms and manufacturing equipment – gathered to discuss opportunities and challenges in the optical fiber and cable industry.

“Optic Fiber Systems” JSC took part in the conference and held series of meetings. There were negotiations about optic fiber supplies conducted with clients from China, Belarus, Mexico, Pakistan etc.  Russian optic fiber is highly appreciated abroad. The demand today is much higher than the plant capacity. For the purposes of ramping up capacity “Optic Fiber Systems” is planning to implement facilities modernization. Negotiations were conducted with Finnish company Rosendahl Nextrom Oy about modernization, which is going to increase capacity of the plant by 30 percent as a minimum.

The amount of optical cable installed worldwide in the first three quarters of 2017 totalled 359 million fibre-km, a 12% y-o-y increase. China’s consumption was 206 million fibre-km through to the end of Q3 2017, putting China at 57% of the world market. China’s full-year total could be 280 million fibre-km or more.

Executives from China’s top five cable manufacturers all expressed optimism and confidence, that  5G will provide an important boost to optical cable demand, which  will grow at rates  from year to year during the next five years.