13 December 2017

“Optic Fiber Systems” join the ranks of “100 best of Russia”

December 13th 2017 in the hotel complex “President Hotel” in Moscow the awards ceremony of the All-Russia Contest “100 best goods of Russia” was held.

The contest is provided since 1998 and organized by “Gosstandart of Russia”, Interregional Public Organization “Quality problems Academy”, All-Russia Public Organization “VOK” and publishing company “Standards and Quality”.

Three items of goods produced in Mordovia joined the ranks of “100 best of Russia” at the time.

Among the winners of the contest in the nomination for “Industrial and technology products” is “Optic Fyber Systems” JSC awarded for “Achievemnets in import substitution” for production of singlemode optic fiber with low water peak Е3 (G652d).

“Optic Fiber Systems” JSC is the first and one Russian optical fiber manufacturer. In 2017 the plant will produce more than 1.5 million km of optical fiber, and as of the 4th quarter of 2017 process utilization will exceed 75%.

Optical fiber manufacturing is now of critical importance for independent development of telecommunications industry in Russia.

“Optic Fiber Systems” JSC successfully follows the line, intended by the government, that Russia should minimize reliance on imported fiber in the coming years.