12 September 2017

Dmitry Medvedev demanded to reduce reliance on imported fiber

In the coming years, Russia should minimize its import of optical fiber within the framework of import substitution. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev stated this fact at the meeting of the Government Commission on Import Substitution.

Dmitry Medvedev stated this fact at the meeting of the Government Commission on Import Substitution

"The task to minimize our dependence on the optical fiber’s import in the coming years still remains, and then, maybe, we will eliminate this dependence completely. We have good basis for it, and the most important fact is that we have a unique extent infrastructure, that makes us one of the most ambitious domestic market for telecommunication fiber", Dmitry Medvedev said.

Head of the Government said that this market can be occupied by Russian manufacturers of optical fiber. "There are other areas of interest including solar generation and laser technologies," Dmitry Medvedev explained.

He noted that such projects require governmental support and non-budgetary funding. "The goal is to maximize the localization of photonics components and materials in Russia. If they are competitive, of course, in quality, price, and are in demand by the market," he said.

As Dmitry Medvedev mentioned one of the main topics at the Commission's meeting is the development of photonics. "The market volume of civil photonics is rated about 60-70 billion rubles per year," he said. He claims that this program of photonics’ development was not financed fully. He noted that the implementation of this program should start this year.

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