27 April 2017

ROSNANO’s portfolio company “Optic fiber Systems” JSC confirms the possibility of using Russian optical fiber in the most advanced communication networks

At the exhibition “Sviaz-2017” the RUSNANO’s portfolio company “Optic fiber Systems” JSC together with the leading Russian manufacturer of telecommunication equipment “T8” demonstrated Russian solution for high-speed data transmission. The solution includes the use of 400G equipment on a single-hop 455 km line. The line is based on the optical fiber produced in Russia and Russian telecommunication equipment.


The signal is transmitted by a 400G block with PM-QPSK modulation at the distance of 455 km. Data transmission is organized with the remote signal amplification (ROPA). Today it is one of the best results and it was obtained with Russian optical fiber. This fiber has shown its effectiveness in application at long distance that is extremely important for Russia.

Russian fiber is applicable not only for long-distance communication lines but also for urban infrastructure. In April 2017, OFS will start the production of an optical fiber of the G.657 standard. This fiber allows small bend radii and is designed for data transmission in offices, houses where bends are less than 15 mm in radius.

Until the end of 2017, “Optic fiber Systems” JSC also plans to begin the production of multimode fiber G.651 for the transfer of large amount of information in data centers.


T8 ( is a leading Russian manufacturer of telecommunication equipment of spectral multiplexing (DWDM and CWDM) for optical communication networks in Russia and CIS countries. "T8" develops and manufactures a line of DWDM and CWDM equipment with a channel speed up to 400 Gt/s. All "T8" equipment is developed and manufactured in Russia. The company is in the TOP-10 of "TechUspech-2016" rating in the category of "small" companies.

"Optic fiber Systems" JSC ( is the first factory in Russia located in Saransk, the Republic of Mordovia that produces optical fiber. This is a modern high-tech enterprise with a capacity of 2.5 million km of optical fiber per year and the factory plans to increase production up to 4.5 million km per year after modernization of the equipment.

“RUSNANO” JSC was created in March of 2011 through reorganization of state corporation "Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies". "RUSNANO" JSC supports the implementation of the state policy on the nanotechnology industry development by investing directly and through nanotechnology funds in financially viable high-tech projects to ensure the development of new production facilities in the Russian Federation. The main investment areas are electronics, optoelectronics and telecommunications, health care and biotechnology, metallurgy and metal processing, power engineering, mechanical engineering and instrumentation, construction and industrial materials, chemicals and petrochemistry. 100% of "RUSNANO" JSC shares are owned by the state. Currently 83 factories and R&D centers in 30 Russian regions were opened through RUSNANO investments.

Assets control management of "RUSNANO" is performed by "Management Company" RUSNANO” LLC created in December of 2013 with Anatoly Chubais as a Chairman of the Executive Board.

Infrastructural and Educational Programs’ Fund that was also established through reorganization of state corporation completes tasks of nanotechnology infrastructure establishment and educational programs implementation. Read more here

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