24 April 2017

Rossvyaz has registered first declarations for optical cables with Russian optical fiber

The Federal Communications Agency registered first declarations for optical cables manufactured with the optical fiber of Russian origin.

This fact shows an increase of the localization degree in the production of cable products. Previously, all optical cables that passed the obligatory procedure of conformity assessment in the sphere of communication in the form of declaration were produced only with the use of optical fibers of foreign origin. The Russian fiber entry into the market of cable products reflects the high level of technological development of Russian cable industry and gives telecom operators the opportunity to benefit from the purchase of cable products of Russian origin.

Last year as part of the organization of obligatory conformity assessment system in the sphere of telecommunications based on the results of joint work of experts from the leading laboratories of the system, cable manufacturers, specialized research institutes and associations Rossvyaz send recommendations to the Ministry of Communications of Russia to improve the current regulatory structure in order to support manufacturers of Russian optical fiber.

The news based on the website of the Federal Communications Agency.