21 June 2019

"Optic fiber Systems" JSC released the 4th million kilometer of optical fiber

"Optic fiber Systems" started production in autumn 2015 and since then has gradually increased its production pace: while it took 1.5 years to produce the first million kilometers of fiber and a year for the second one, the third million have taken only 6 months.

The 4th million kilometer was released after upgrade project, which was realized with the support of the Industry Development Fund. In December 2017, the expert council of the Industry Development Fund approved a preferential loan in the amount of 500 million rubles for equipment purchase. The "jubilee" coil has already successfully passed the mandatory quality control procedure and will soon be sent to one of the cable plants.

Thanks to the loan, the company updated induction furnaces of optical fiber draw towers, put into operation an additional drawing line, as well as an additional production area for optical fiber coloring and experimental area to manufacture preforms for optical fiber production. The total cost of the project was more than 950 million rubles.

«Upgrade project has allowed our company to become more competitive, and we strongly believe that we will take an adequate share that corresponds to our volumes in the Russian market, specifically with support from the government, while maintaining the export potential», - the General Director of "Optical fiber Systems" Andrey Nikolaev.

"Optic fiber Systems" is planning to produce next 4 million km of optical fiber within one year (the first 4 million km took 3.5 years) and that will meet up to 50% of the demand for optical fiber in Russia.

The main consumers of optical fiber are manufacturers of optical fiber cable, which in turn supply their products to Telecom operators and other consumers interested in the creation and development of fiber-optic communication lines. In addition, "Optic fiber Systems" exports finished products to Italy, the UK, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, the Netherlands, the USA, China, Pakistan, India and Belarus.

According to the company data, the demand for optical fiber in the EAEU market amounted to more than 9 million km in 2018, and it is expected to further increase its consumption due to the development of broadband communication networks, the increase in 4G technology coverage and the introduction of 5G.


“Optic fiber Systems” JSC ( – is the first Russian plant manufacturing optical fiber. The plant is situated in Saransk, Mordovia Republic. It  was officially opened September 25th,  2015. The shareholders of the company are RUSNANO, Gazprombank, the Government of Mordovia Republic.

Today it is a modern high-tech manufacturing with a capacity of 4 mln kilometers of optical fiber per year.

Currently there are the most popular types of the fiber – optical fibers of G652d and G657A1/G652d standards - are serially produced at the plant. The both types of the fiber are certified and were successfully tested by OJCS Rostelecom. Optical fibers of other types are planned to produce.